How to Get Your Tax Strategy

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Reduce Your Tax burden and Increase Your Profits...

Bulletproof Tax & Accounting Firm specializes in reducing taxes for successful small businesses and individuals. Many tax professionals only look at your finances at tax time, however, we believe in developing a proactive strategy that works all year long to manage tax exposure. When you work with us, we tap into our skills as a Certified Tax Coach to find every legal means possible to save you money on taxes so you can increase your business profits and your personal wealth. You will never overpay because we will make sure you take advantage of every available tax credit, deduction, and legal loophole to reduce your tax burden.

Working with our Sacramento, CA accounting firm offers the greatest potential to save you and your business thousands of dollars in taxes. Getting started is easy. Contact us now. Here is how it works:

1. Meet Your Tax Coach

First, we schedule your initial consultation and learn about you and your finances. We will ask you about your business, your current financial situation, and your long-term goals.

2. Complete a Tax Questionnaire

Next, you will complete a brief questionnaire to provide more detail about your investments and your business entities (S Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership, etc.). We will also ask for copies of some of your past tax returns and any additional information you can provide us with regarding the allocation of your funds.

3. Get Your Tax Strategy

Now the process begins! The time frame for creating your tax strategy is approximately two weeks. During our process we will evaluate all of your information and consider a variety of techniques for reducing your taxable revenue and income. When your plan is complete we will present it in clear language, and deliver it to you for review. A follow-up call will be scheduled to answer any questions or concerns.

4. Put Your Tax Plan in Motion

As a Certified Tax Coach, our service includes assistance with implementing your plan. We want you to yield big tax savings as planned. We will provide you with the dependable financial guidance and advice you need to reduce your taxes, grow your wealth, and have continued success with your business.

Receive Your Complimentary Tax Planning Book!

Connect with an advisor now and create your tax plan at 916-226-5334 or request your consultation online. When you schedule your consultation, you will receive our complimentary book, Changing Your Tax Deduction Mindset*.