About Bulletproof Tax & Accounting Firm

At Bulletproof Tax & Accounting Firm, we use our unparalleled training as a Certified Tax Coach to save successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, and professional athletes thousands of dollars in taxes every year. We know how to identify special tax credits, uncover hidden deductions, and leverage little-known loopholes to significantly reduce your tax obligations so you pay less taxes.

How can we do this for YOU? When you schedule your free consultation, we’ll examine your finances and design a proactive Tax Strategy to reduce your overall tax burden. Our methods are legal, ethical, easy to implement, and incredibly effective for people making over $250,000 a year. As a special thank you for scheduling your consultation, we’ll give you our book, Changing Your Tax Deduction Mindset* as our gift.

*The free book offer is limited to successful business owners and high net worth individuals who fit our target audience.

We work year round to prepare tax plans, Federal and State tax returns for individuals and small business owners like you throughout the USA. We also take care of the accounting and bookkeeping needs for startups and small businesses.

Tax planning and preparation is our livelihood. It is not a part-time business or seasonal activity that is done only during tax time. With over 15 years of tax experience and in-depth training in the new tax laws, we will spend the time necessary to identify and ensure the best tax financial outcome for you.

You will have the peace of mind and the confidence that comes from knowing your taxes, bookkeeping or accounting are in experienced hands.

We are committed to you spending your time on the important things in your life, not worrying about tax laws, changes, tax codes, penalties or bookkeeping and accounting.